Special Event 21 Sept 2019

                Australian Jazz Museum invites you to this special event

                James Morrison, Patron of the Australian Jazz Museum is a brilliant musician & Australian Jazz legend who has captivated audiences from around the world. He is also inspiring a new generation of Australia’s finest jazz musicians. Together they will take you on a journey of different jazz styles in this program“ERAS IN JAZZ” set in the intimate and acoustically superb Alexander Theatre.

                BOOK your tickets early by clicking on this link ….

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                The Australian Jazz Museum is a not-for-profit nationally recognised organisation supported by a team of enthusiastic volunteers, preserving and sharing this vital cultural heritage, We have the largest collection of Australian Jazz memorabilia which is catalogued and digitised to museum accredited standard. Our purpose is to present the Australian Jazz stories stored in our archive to the world.

                Your attendance at this event will help support this mission.

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